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10 Home Security And Garage Door Safety Tips

There are thousands of cases reported every year related to home burglaries. The news stories seem to jump from one media platform to another. There is no end to such stories, and they keep on getting repeated every another day.

Many burglary cases reported had use of zip ties. The zip tie is a plastic device that can be used to fasten the things together and helps in disabling the manual release hatch. The feature manual release is also known as an emergency release, and it is strictly recommended to test its operations for all residential garage door operators.

Under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 1990, it is mandatory to comply with the requirements under UL 325 of entrapment protection. Any kind of modifications or tampering with the manual release can result in improper functioning of the device or it may also not function in case of emergency and can be hazardous to life and property. Most of the burglaries that happen are initiated through the main door or through the windows. The comprehensive offense is the best defense to protect your home and its valuables.

Here are 10 home security and garage door safety tips you need to know.

  1. All the garage door operators have a pre-installed manual emergency release. Try not to interfere with it.

  2. Take a follow up with your dealer to get the information about the extra safety and security features that your specific brand provides.

  3. Most of the latest security doors come with advanced transmitters that allow you to control your doors. But still, there are some that come with factory set codes that can be changed. So do not forget to change your passcodes.

  4. One must always ensure to close the entry door between the house and the garage — a general but often overlooked step which can cause unforeseen contingency.

  5. Make sure to lock all the doors and windows around your garage. You can even get them coated with frosted glass to restrict the criminals to look inside.

  6. Whenever you are leaving your house or before sleeping at night, make sure to arm your premises security system. You can also place security signs in front and back of your house in order to detect burglary attempts.

  7. Do not leave anything, whether it's a bicycle or any other equipment in a place that can be easily seen from outside when the door is open.

  8. If any suspicious or unusual activity takes place, then report it to the police. Try and make it a priority to participate in the neighborhood watch program.

  9. Always remember to lock your car even if it is parked safely in the garage. Also always get the garage door installed in a place that cannot be easily seen by the people.

  10. When you are out on vacation or leaving the house for a longer period,make sure to turn on the "Vacation Mode" Feature of your garage door opener which disables the remote controls from working for the period and hence increases the safety.

There you have it! The ten essential garage door safety tips to keep yourself and your family safe. If you find any malfunctioning in your garage door, call Cheetah Garage Door Repair service in St Louis immediately!

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