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Garage Door: Deciding Between Repairs and Replacement

A malfunctioning, broken, or damaged garage door leaves you with a conundrum: do you get a new garage door or get the current one repaired?

After all, both are going to incur significant expenses. Plus, you don’t want to make any compromises on the safety and appeal of your garage door.

Here are some aspects you should consider that will help you decide between garage door repairs and replacements:

How Old Is Your Garage Door?

A garage door has an average lifetime of 10-12 years.

After that time has passed, the chances of the door breaking down or causing issues to increase significantly. So, even if you get it fixed, it won't be long before another problem arises. So, you'll be spending a lot more money than ideal and still would have no guarantee.

Hence, only if your garage door is less than 10-12 years old should you go for repairs. Otherwise, garage door replacement is the better and cheaper choice.

Consider The Extent Of The Damage

Another important factor in assessing whether to repair or replace the panel is the extent of damage done to the door.

Minor damage caused by a light impact or small debris can be fixed with some filling and paint.

However, if you backed your truck into the garage or there was a storm, the damage would be extensive, and a small fix probably won’t do.

If the cost and complexities in repair seem too much, the right way would be to opt for replacement.

Sudden Malfunctions

One morning as you press the open button and the garage button doesn’t roll until a few tries, you may think there’s a serious problem – it was working fine yesterday.

However, surprisingly, a sudden breakdown is usually simpler to repair since the issue is recent and hasn’t been building up for years. So, don’t start looking for new garage doors just yet!

Usually, when there’s a major, you would be having these malfunctions frequently, or there would be one-major malfunction. So, if you've delayed having the door fixed or the breakdown is beyond repairs, then opting for a replacement would be the best fit for you in such a scenario.

Heavy Garage Doors

Garage doors are quite heavy, and that's why they come with springs and openers to make it easier to lift them. The springs also keep the motor from overheating and allow you to open the door manually if the power goes out.

With time and wear and tear, they may loosen or break. It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a problem with the whole door.

You would only need to get the garage door springs repaired, and you'll most likely be good to go. However, if the problem recurs, then you should look for other options.


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