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Stuck Garage Door? Try These 4 Tricks to Get Things Moving!

You woke up early in the morning because your boss wants you present in a meeting at the office. You might be getting late for the office. And in the midst of all of this, you observe a stuck garage door. And now you aren’t able to fix it and get your car out of the garage. Will that not be frustrating for you? You may find an alternate solution. However, don’t make this permanent. You need to get your garage door fixed instantly. And if your garage door is getting stuck and you aren’t able to understand the reason behind it, we have listed out four tricks that will get things moving.

1. Take A Look At Remote Batteries

Some people just think that the issue stands with the garage door and think of some fault being in the garage door mechanics. However, sometimes the problem is with the remote batteries. Dead batteries can be the major cause of this problem. There are different types of remote batteries available in the market. And most of these batteries will be available at the nearest big-box or hardware retailer.

2. Is Ice The Problem?

Build-up of ice can lead to the stuck garage door problem. This problem can be solved easily. All you need to do is to bring in some hot water and pour it on the ice over the door’s bottom. This will lead to the ice melting down and things getting smooth once again.

3. Check Tracks

Have you ever wondered if the problem is with the garage door track? If the tracks have simply been jostled or bumped, then they tend to get misaligned. And you don’t need to worry too much about this issue. This problem can also be solved easily. With the help of ladder, you must move your hand along the track in order to check if there’s anything that’s bent or out of place. And if there is a problem like that, you should use a hammer or a wooden block such that you can even the things out. And spray a bit of WD40 on the tracks in order to allow the smooth functioning.

4. Can You Open The Door By Your Hands?

In order to open the garage door by your hand, you must pull the red-corded rope in order to shut down its electricity supply. And if you are able to open the door manually, then the problem might be with the electric supply. Check out if the opening unit that’s attached to the ceiling of your garage hasn’t been unplugged. And if hasn’t been unplugged, then you need to check if the breaker has blown. And if that’s the problem, you need to reset it and try out again.


A stuck garage door might be really frustrating and if you aren’t able to figure out what the problem is exactly, we insist you to simply visit contact Cheetah Garage Door Repair right now and get your problem fixed instantly.

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