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Top 5 Wi-Fi Doorbell Cameras

When the doorbell rings at an odd hour, it is natural to feel a wave of curiosity and fear cross you. Knowing who is at the door gives you an instant sense of relief. An unannounced guest dropping in while you are in the middle of an important activity can really be distressing. Making the effort to go till the door, sneak a look at the visitor, and then thinking whether it was worth the effort. 

Such situations call for easy and innovative solutions, just like installing a Wi-Fi doorbell camera. This advanced technology lets you know the identity of the visitor without having to move a muscle. Essentially, it is a small device that is fitted beside your doorbell, peeping through the window is now a thing of the past, rather as soon as the bell rings, you will know who is at the door. Not just that, this technology lets you interact with the visitor or deliveryman using the microphone attached to the device through which you can give instructions to the delivery man regarding your packages.


Safety is the most important thing and with burglars on the hunt at all times, upgrading your door security can change your sense of safety. As far as Wi-Fi-based doorbells are concerned, there are many varieties that offer added features and security assurances that you so desperately need for your home. We have detailed top five Wi-Fi- doorbells for your convenience:

Every useful feature that one might need in a video-enabled wireless doorbell camera is there in this revolutionary product. With some assorted features of its own, this device can also store the videos in itself. Therefore, not only are you not paying for additional cloud storage, but you also have access to data worth 32GB, accessible at the click of a button. 

As a pioneer for video doorbell cameras, this one gives you the luxury to respond to doorbells from anywhere through your smartphone having an internet/ Wi-Fi connection. Download the app, free of cost, and experience 720p HD video with crystal clear two-way audio system. The doorbell requires proper hard wiring to enable its exciting features such as infrared night vision and water-resistant. 

Featuring this, a pocket-friendly video doorbell that is preferred the most in the market. Without having to pay an exorbitant amount, you can enjoy all the features that the expensive ones have, making this video doorbell, most desirable. The complete package lets you boost your Wi-Fi range and have better window sensors.  

With a built-in battery and hassle-free wiring, this device gives a push notification to your smartphones, as soon as the doorbell rings. It also enables you to give access to five more viewers, giving you a backup option in case you are not able to access your app. 

Arlo delivers high-quality video and audio for both day and night, featuring both person and package detection. Enabled with doorbells that work well with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can receive live streams on your smart speakers as well. 

For the Wi-Fi doorbell installation, contact Cheetah Locksmith, known for its quality services, exceptional efficiency, and the highest level of professionalism. Feel safe with Cheetah Locksmith!

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